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BusyMom2812 What did you say! “My sister used to say disABLEty instead of disability. I have a hard time saying Hoosier, even though I am…”
M4Luv Humira anyone?? “Thank you ladies! It's still pretty bad but I'm covering up and using sunscreen so hoping it will go down…”
sickandhateit Time for Soup! “That sounds very good,i am a fall girl.”
Cootsgal DO YOU GIVE UP? OR KEEP ON TRUCKIN'? “Yes dear....I answered that post. The short answer is "no". :-)”
nortom CAN SOMEONE TELL ME THE BENEFITS OF..... “I stopped August 5th. I took 20mg a day for several months. Than weaned down to 2.5mg a day, for…”

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