burning fat, amino acids, CLA, whey protein???

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Hi, I am coming off a flare and really want to get back in the swing of getting fit…I have a pretty heavy appetitie in the am… and probably eat most of my calories in the am. I have been drink whey protein in the am from Deisgner. I use to drink Muslcle milk but a little worried about all the hype of the heavy metals found in it … SHould I use Cla to help with amino acids.. fish oil… what?? to help burn fat.. I know a health diet and i know discipline but that does not always work all the time .. I need a little help.. mY energy level has been really down lately… i could fall a sleep at work … I need some information … I know someone at there has must have tried something that either work or failed… I need to keep this part of my life before I get stuck in the mud forever…

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  • Kiki5
    Kiki5 June 11, 2012 at 7:59 am   

    Hi podmollie,
    I have been watching Dr. OZ for awhile and he addresses all of these items but not in relation to Lupus…so I jumped in and started taking raspberry ketones (appetite control), green coffee bean extract (fat burner), cla, green tea extract, you name it I have it and then went into a flare. So…I am trying to decide if these herbal remedies 'sped' everything up and sent me into the flare or if it was just meant to happen. I can say that the raspberry ketones were great for appetite suppressant and fucoxanthin for revving metabolism. I lost a little weight before I had to take the preds so am not sure I want to start over or leave it alone for awhile. Dr. Oz has a website that coincides with his TV show and it has all of the supplements that he recommends for metabolism, weight loss, etc. and other items too. Just go in with an open eye and don't take everything at once like I did…space them out so you can tell what will bother you and what won't. Good luck!

  • podmollie
    podmollie June 11, 2012 at 5:36 pm   

    Hi thank you very much for the info.. i think i watch the one about the rasberry ketones…I forgot about that one .. It is hard to just go a little at time ..but that is the right way to do it .. so that you know what puts you into a flare..but then the question is .. maybe it was just the time for one … my work schedule is very demanding and now my hrs are changing again.. i was suppose to hit the gym but instead decided to go home.. not the right thing to do but i just didn't have the energy. i wish i had a chef to cook healthy for me every night and make my lunch for my work day..lol… that would be totally awesome.. where di you find those supplements .. in a vit .store or in a health food store..?? thanks again for the info.. hope you are feeling better :)

  • podmollie
    podmollie June 10, 2012 at 6:27 pm   

    oh i forgot what about GLUTAMINE POWDER????

  • Kiki5
    Kiki5 June 11, 2012 at 5:44 pm   

    I have never used glutamine powder. I got everything from GNC and I order online. I hear you about the gym…I need to go but have no energy at all. I need the chef too, no energy to eat right…perhaps when this flare is over. Seeing Dr. tomorrow so should start feeling better soon, thanks.