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Party Patty Doctors & Tests -----Tired of all of it...... “I was thinking about this again last night and as tired as we are already, the actual stress the day…”
snowsgirl07 Tasty Tuesday “we do frozen grapes a lot down here because of the Texas summers. It is a nice way to get…”
vss At the end of my rope. “The biopsies they took were normal, thank God. So more tests this week, 4 tests & 1 doctor's appointment. This…”
Mamie1 MEAGER MONDAY “Treadmill or resistance training & free weights........................just kidding, sort of :-) M.”
Cootsgal Saga of the Shoulder - THANK YOU to… “If I asked him to do that, his eyes would glaze over. But if he can fire up my laptop…”

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