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Dr Gary Just Diagnosed: Getting Your Emotions Through the First… “Being diagnosed with a chronic condition brings up a lot of questions. Some of them include: What’s my life going…”
blaQUE Buttah Fly Greetings!!! “Hello Everyone I'm new to Lupus Connect, today is my 1st day and this is my 1st post. I pray…”
JavaBean81 Thinking of stopping lupus meds cleanse / detoxify… “I have been dealing with a lot of med changes over the last few years with my lupus, reynauds and…”
redorangedog Biotene product for dry mouth “Thank you for the information. Glad your punctal plugs have been successful that is encouraging for me.”
fdgirl325 Being tested for Lupus, already possible MS...(sigh) “I have since dropped my MS neurologist, due to poor communication. I have not received any returned calls/emails on my…”

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